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Risk Assessments

Services We Offer

The services listed here are those included in ADRM's flagship service offering packages, making for a truly turnkey process from inception to completion.

Risk Assessments

Many of our long term projects and clients begin with a risk assessment, whether it's for a system or set of processes and procedures.

  • Conduct data-driven, all-hazards risk assessments using industry best practices and standards

  • Calculate risk using mathematic formulas including those for probability, consequences and vulnerability

  • Develop recommendations to mitigate risk in a cost-effective and operationally efficient manner

  • End result: Production of a Security Business Plan© that includes estimates of capital costs, operating costs, and recurring costs, and includes a multi-year implementation plan


Electronic Security System Design, Bid, Commission

  • Design integrated electronic security systems including video management systems, access control systems, intrusion detection systems and visitor management systems

  • Design process including conceptual design, design development, and construction document development, all with budget estimates

  • Manage the RFP process resulting in selecting the right vendor to install the systems

  • Provide construction administration services that ensure the systems are professionally installed and the installation remains on-time and on-budget, and that end users are trained and can utilize the system effectively

  • End result: Production of integrated systems that are effective at prevention, detection, response, investigation and recovery

Managed Services

Managed Services

  • Maintain proper functioning and operations of integrated electronic security systems including video management systems, access control systems, intrusion detection systems and visitor management systems

  • Perform daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly checks

  • Ensure software versions and licenses are managed

  • Manage warranty and ensure proper maintenance is performed

  • Request service from integrator, track progress, inspect repairs and notify end users of repair status

  • Provide reporting on system health, alarms, and status that allow for data driven security decision making

  • End result: Ensure that complex and expensive security systems are well maintained and function properly

Command Center / Global Security Operations Center / Citywide Surveillance Center Design

  • Prepare Security Design Criteria identifying core command center functions and requirements

  • Coordinate and lead design workshops with the security, facilities, engineers, architects, IT and other design team members

  • Develop a plan that maximizes the space and fulfills personnel and systems requirements

  • Prepare detailed specification documents and drawings including final construction documents

  • Select the right vendors to build the Command Center

  • Oversee construction and provide construction administration services

  • End result: Development of ergonomically effective work environments that maximize space, operator efficiency, system integration and communications, all resulting in effective risk management and emergency response

Business Continuity and Emergency Response Plans, Policies and Procedures

  • Develop all-hazards emergency response plans and business continuity plans

  • Coordinate and conduct training, tabletop and full-scale exercises to test emergency response plans, policies, procedures, and post orders

  • Develop communication plans to reach community members and constituents

  • Implement and test specialized immediate notification and mass notification systems

  • Provide annual or as-needed updates / revisions to plans, policies and procedures

  • End result: Creation of plans and procedures that do not sit on shelves and that are properly written, disseminated, understood, followed, tested, exercised and updated

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