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Advanced Data Risk Management (ADRM), a pioneer in data-driven risk management solutions, proudly introduces the cutting-edge patented DEFENDER Managed Services Platform.

As a leading provider of managed services, ADRM takes on the critical responsibility of managing and optimizing IT infrastructure, software systems, and edge devices globally.

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DEFENDER enhances the reliability of security systems by seamlessly managing IT infrastructure, software systems, and edge devices on a global scale.

  • Comprehensive view of security environments

  • Predicts issues, mitigates risks and improves network and system robustness

  • Efficiently manages licenses, support agreements, software packages, and inventory

  • Scores installation projects, vendors, software, and product performance worldwide 

DEFENDER is a crucial differentiator, providing valuable insights into clients' environments and proactive optimization capabilities.

Key Features


Real-Time Insights
Gain a comprehensive view of your security environment's performance and health. Receive real-time events, metrics, and alerts for proactive management.


Project Tracking
Manage project timelines, budgets, and resources, ensuring seamless collaboration for successful installation projects globally.


Streamlined Access
Manage abstract components effortlessly – from system licenses to support agreements, software packages, inventory, and more...

Meet the Chief Architect

Matt Isgur

CTO and Partner, ADRM

15 years of experience managing electronic security systems at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

DEFENDER is a significant differentiator for ADRM in the managed services space. This powerful platform provides valuable insights into the health of our client’s environment and equips users to take proactive measures.

DEFENDER excels in transforming complexity into clear, actionable insights. It is more than a monitoring tool; it is an essential hub for all components of a security infrastructure.

Stay Ahead

In an era where system integrity is paramount, DEFENDER emerges as a forward-thinking solution, ensuring resilience and protection across vast global networks.

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