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Tom Carrasco
Security Systems Designer

  • Career Highlights

    • Designed Security Systems for a large Health Care Provider in Arizona which includes Pharmacies, Laboratories and WIS units.

    • Established and implemented system guidelines for a large health care provider

    • Supervised an in-house security team for installation of access control, IP Video and DSC alarms

    • Implemented video, voice, radio and data communication systems solutions for the Department of Homeland Security

    • Managed and maintained fiber optic perimeters for government facilities

  • Expertise

    • Security Design, Project Management, Risk Assessments, Policy and Procedure Development, Countermeasure Efficacy and Trend Analysis, Vendor selection and vendor management, Cable Management, CAD, Bluebeam

  • Education

    • AAS, Electronics, South Texas College

    • AAS, Computer Science, South Texas College

    • Lenel OnGuard Certified Professional

    • CFOT Fiber Optics

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